My older son joined Eastwood Nursery in approximately 2016.  This was his fourth nursery.  We remember at his first nursery he would stand waiting for us by the window all day, which was heartbreaking.  The second nursery there was no structure to the day, and he ran wild all day.  The third nursery was so regimented that my son struggled and was punished daily by missing desert, we watched sadly as his confidence decreased (he was less than 3 years old). 


When we joined Eastwood nursery, we found a completely different ethos.  Our child was treated as an individual, his individual needs were identified and addressed.  His strengths were cultivated and his confidence increased, with careful care and attention.  Academically he thrived. He was able to read confidently and write well, when he took his entrance exam for a private school.  He passed the exam and continues now at school in top sets.  I believe the foundation he received at Eastwood nursery has been the foundation of his success.


When our second son was born in 2019, we were thrilled to discover Eastwood Nursery now had a baby room. Our son currently attends the nursery.  Daily we are relieved and pleased to see he is becoming a confident, sensible young man.  The nursery has cultivated a love of learning.  Although less than two years old; he enjoys reading and singing nursery rhymes.  He already babbles his alphabet and numbers. 


The nursery is excellently managed.  The nursery is clean, attractive, well organized and a pleasant place to be.  The meals are fresh, tasty, and enjoyed by the baby.  The staff are kind, considerate and patient.  The teachers are dedicated and caring. My baby is very happy at Eastwood nursery, as was my older son before him.


We highly recommend Eastwood Nursery, for the consistency, consideration, personalized care and  high standards of learning provided by the excellent team.

Mrs Q

Having sent our two older children to Russell group university nurseries, we were grateful when we came across this gem of a setting for our third child. We were looking for something local and visited many nurseries. After three children, you realise it is key not to make decisions purely based on Ofsted reports, we spent a lot of time researching and visiting (on multiple occasions) the options available to us. 

Eastwood is excellent in many ways in our opinion, from the building itself, resources available (including trips to the theatre), the overall organisation and most importantly, the love, care and engagement showered on the children. Staff and senior management always have the time to talk with parents and answer questions. Children are happy and staff are always smiling. There is consistency! Our child loves the place and teachers and always talks about Eastwood fondly. He has developed tremendously in terms of confidence, manners, clarity of speech, motor ability, writing and reading skills since being here. If we had another child, this would be our choice of setting, without a doubt.

Sophia B

Moving our son to Eastwood has been the best thing we could have done for his early education. 

We had been to see Eastwood Nursery when our son had been ready for nursery but opted for another childcare provider. However when we realise there could be better childcare provision for him and a nursery that could better prepare him for school, we visited several nurseries and Eastwood topped them all. We are very pleased we with the decision and our son is very happy at his new nursery. 

Rochael N


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