Our policies are available to view at the nursery and copies are available on request, please find below some general information about how the nursery works.

Child Sickness

Children with diarrhoea or sickness must not return to the Nursery within 48 hours from the last episode. If you child is off sick or absent the Nursery need to be notified by 9 a.m.

Children on antibiotics must not return to the Nursery within 3 days of starting the course and staff are unable to administer antibiotics or other prescription medication at any time.

Whilst the nursery policy is not to administer medication, inhalers for asthma are supervised. The Nursery is able to administer eczema cream to your child as long as it is provided by yourself.

The Nursery must receive written authorisation to supervise an inhaler or administer eczema cream.

Child Protection

It is important to inform the Nursery staff immediately if your child arrives in Nursery with any bumps or bruises. Please inform the Nursery staff of any  incidents that may affect your child, e.g. a new baby, loss of a relative or pet.

If your child has an accident at the Nursery you will be informed. All accidents are noted in the Accident Book and a copy is given to you which we ask you to sign when you collect your child.

Staff have a legal responsibility to keep written records of any conversations or observations that cause them concern. No other professional will be allowed to see your child in the Nursery without your agreement unless the safety and well being of the child is thought to be at risk.

Equal Opportunities

The manager and staff, will at all times, work towards giving your child a happy, exciting and productive time at Eastwood Day Nursery.

The Nursery staff recognise and respect cultural, ethnic or religious needs that you and your child may have.

Your child will be finding out about festivals that are not necessarily part of your culture and you will be kept informed of any related activities.

You will be welcome at the Nursery at all times. Information about children is confidential, therefore staff cannot discuss with you any other child/family in the Nursery.

To protect confidentiality you are asked not to discuss any other child/parent with the Nursery staff.

If professional people are involved with your child due to health problems, developmental concerns or any other issues you will be informed of a meeting date.

Collecting Your Child

Your child must be collected by 6 p.m, 6:30pm for after school club, if you arrive at the Nursery after these times you will be required to fill in a late slip.

If for any reason you are going to be late, the Nursery must be contacted to inform them what time you expect to arrive as this assists in our decision as to which emergency number we call for collection if need be.

You must ensure that if you are not available to collect your child from Nursery, your representative is known to the Nursery staff by either introduction or photographs, plus written permission will be required.

Raising a concern

At Eastwood Nursery the staff "want to get it right" for you and your child. We are committed to providing the highest standards of care and education. We welcome all feedback and therefore encourage parents and carers to raise any concerns or issues as soon as they arise. We take all concerns seriously and do our best to resolve any issues immediately.

If you need to raise a concern please speak with the manager.