A balanced and nutritional approach

We are committed to serving healthly, balanced and nutritious food that gives children all the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development. 

Our two cooks, breakfast and afternoon tea ladies are fully trained in Infant Nutrition and are committed to sugar free and lower fat food for the ‘Wellbeing’ of all our children.

Every menu is carefully planned and freshly prepared, on site, by our cooks.  Our hygiene standard has always been an Excellent Level 5 and this is maintained by our dedicated kitchen team.

A daily menu is displayed and in addition to a balanced lunch our children also enjoy breakfast and afternoon tea.

We make every effort to make mealtimes happy with the opportunity to learn.  Our meals are served  'family' style  so children quickly learn key skills and food etiquette - children set the table, share conversation and clear away after their meal.

We believe in educating children about food to help encourage then to make  healthy food choices for themselves.

We are aware of the truth behind the saying ‘You Are What You Eat’. We have our own custom made kitchen where we cook and prepare fresh, nutritious and delicious meals each day. We only source quality food and we try, when we can, to use organic ingredients.

We serve a full healthy breakfast with cut vegetables/fruit including: tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. We also serve sliced cheddar cheese, buttered toast, yogurt and jam, without added sugar. 

For lunch we always serve a hot meal which includes lamb, chicken, fish or a vegetarian option with either rice, potatoes, pasta and vegetables. We have a weekly menu that we rotate to keep it interesting for the children. We also have special meals during special festivals such as Chinese food at the Chinese New Year and a turkey Christmas Dinner.