All our staff have confidence to warmly welcome parents and are able to work closely with them from the very beginning and we all recognise that the people most important to children who attend our nursery are their parents and carers as these are the people who know the children better and want the best for them.

Every day parents are spoken to which helps to ensure good relationships.

We invite parents to join their children when they are settling into their new nursery environment to ensure that good relationships begin from the start of enrolment and parents are invited to come and join in any of the sessions. We also have parent meetings to discuss children's work and progression.

A newsletter is produced for our parents bi monthly informing parents of any changes that are planned and giving them updates of how previous changes have had a positive outcome and we ask them all for any suggestions to further improve our services. Recently parents asked for an after school club and this  has been put in place and is extremely popular.

Our Dedicated Nursery Team

All our staff are fully trained in Early Years child care and completed all safety training requirements including being DBS checked - they are totally committed to the wellbeing of all children who attend our nursery.

Our staff ensure that our children get the best they can educationally, emotionally  and physically.